Why do you need Scalp Microblading??

How would you like to get the impression of a head full of hair again? Scalp Microblading can provide you the solution in just a few hours. It is another way of getting back your long-gone confidence.

What is the Scalp Microblading?

According to the American Hair Loss Association over 60% of men under the age of thirty-five deal with some stage of losing hair. Although it is generally known that hair loss is a mainly male problem, 40% of hair loss sufferers comprise women. Scalp Microblading is a semi-permanent, non-surgical solution that uses tattooing ink to create an impression of hair strokes on your head to get the image of a hairy head.

Scalp Microblading is not Scalp Micropigmentation

These two similar, but not the same, terms are often mistaken as one. While Microblading is a technique that creates the idea of individual hair strokes (you surely noticed a huge trend known as Eyebrow Microblading which provides you fuller eyebrows 24/7 for at least one year), Micropigmentation is preferable in case of inking hair follicles on the bald scalp or shades for thinning hair. Look at some comparisons to find out which treatment is the one you need.



  • A method that simulates individual strands of hair.
  • The ink is applied with a fine blade in single strokes.
  • Recommended for partial alopecia, especially for restoring the hairline.
  • Lasts from a year to a year and a half, takes one classic session + one touch-up session after a month.
  • Same technique as microblading the eyebrows.


  • Makes an impression of hair follicles by micro dotting
  • Multiple microneedles are used to insert the pigment into deeper layers of the skin.
  • The best solution for more advanced stages of alopecia.
  • Few, approximately 4 hours long sessions in several weeks, can last over 5 years with the right aftercare.
  • Most effective results can be seen on a bald scalp.

What can I expect?

You may have some questions about the process and the last look before booking an appointment in your salon.

Is it painful?

No, not really. Maybe you'll feel a tickling but the anaesthetic cream should always make the treatment as comfortable as possible. When it is too much for you, you can always say “STOP” and interrupt the session for a few minutes.

Does it look natural?

When the work is well-provided, results can be very tasteful and natural-looking. Several factors like the quality and the colour of the ink, the artist, metabolism, and aftercare play a significant role in the last results. But yes, when you choose a qualified artist with trustworthy reviews, which can help you in choosing the right shade of ink, alongside a hairline matching your face… Strangers will never know you are a proud owner of the semi-permanent tattoo.

Any side effects?

Like every treatment, this one also takes risks of infections, allergic or inflammatory reactions, or even disease transmission. Fortunately, extreme situations like this are not common at all. The easiest way to prevent these situations is to work in a sterile environment. Consider choosing among salons that put the hygiene standards on the highest level possible.

There is a reason Scalp Microblading is such a popular term these days. A few hours’ treatments can bring you the confidence you thought you will never find again. No matter if you are a man or woman, young or old.

Do you have some experience or you are thinking about getting Scalp Microblading?