Erotic massage in Prague – what to do when it’s all finished?

Ah yes, the erotic massage in Prague – one of the best treats the Czech capital has to offer. You can’t lose by ordering one, you can’t lose by getting one. But do you know what the best course of action is after it is all over? Well, if you don’t this article is here to help!

Erotic massage aftermath can get a bit overwhelming, but don’t forget to drink!

Ok, so your session is over. You may feel relaxed, elated, happy maybe a bit lightheaded. But for your massage to be as effective as it can be, it is crucial you take a few extra steps to prolong its positive impact on you. As the original waves of pleasure subside, your first journey should be to get some water.

This is extremely important, since a massage does get a bit demanding in terms of hydration. Since it results in a faster blood flow, most of your bodily functions will be sped up.

On the one hand, that is a very good thing, since it means faster delivery of essential nutrients to the organs that need them, boosting their function and your immune system – the list can go on. But your body will demand some extra fluid intake as a result of that. And nothing solves this problem better than a glass of good old water.

Speaking of extra intake, have a snack!

Hopefully you’ll consider this good news! Massage can get physically demanding on your part, not just your therapist’s part, believe it or not! Aside from the previously mentioned water, you’ll also going to need to replenish your energy. It’s not a sin to have a bite afterwards. On the other hand though, don’t overdo it, Czech cuisine is notoriously heavy.

So if you’re thinking of feasting on a roasted duck with dumplings and washing it down with beer, think again and choose something much, much lighter instead. Of course, overeating is not advisable under any circumstances and you should especially avoid it not just after, but before your massage as well, as things might get seriously uncomfortable as you get massaged with a full stomach. So, get a small snack both before and after your massage and you should be all set!

Remember, no stress afterwards!

If you’re one of the naturally idle, you’re going to love this one! Once your session is over, there is one important thing you absolutely have to do – and that thing is – drumroll… nothing! Precisely. If you really wish to digest your rubdown in a proper way, then there’s no better way than to forgo any work plans for the rest of the day. Taking a time off is good for you, anyway .

You should also shy away from physical straining, so it would be better to postpone your gym session or whatever heavy physical activity it is that you’re planning. Immediately after the massage, your muscles are prone to straining more, so it would be quite counterproductive to its effects to ruin them immediately after.

Small strolls, however, are allowed. Prague is a marvellous, ancient city with countless landmarks and interesting sites to show for it. Just wandering aimlessly through its streets can be a wonderful experience!

Oh, and once you get home, don’t forget to take a bath…

This might be just the thing for you to do once you’re back at home. A warm bath. Nothing will quite prolong your relaxation like this, you can be sure of that! To further soothe your muscles and put your mind at ease, start filling that bathtub with warm water – you can thank us later!

Do you have any other ideas what might be helpful to magnify or prolong the effects of your massage? We’ll be glad to hear them out! Leave a comment!